Open source dependencies are unpredictable

OpenTrends analyze your GitHub dependencies and track their quality over time

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OpenTrends Analysis

This tool allows you to get a complete analysis of a GitHub repository by simply filling in its name. Whether you are a technology expert and want to make sure it stays up-to-date or a novice looking for stable, mature technology OpenTrends Analysis can give you the answer. You'll get a global score for the entire repository and detailled metrics about quality, popularity and activity.

OpenTrends WebExt

Keep OpenTrends with you every time you go to GitHub. Our web extension allows you to integrate OpenTrends Analysis directly into GitHub. Get an overall score every time you visit a repository page.


OpenTrends Dashboard

Log in with you GitHub account to keep track of your favourite repositories.

OpenTrends Dashboard allows you to visualize all of your technologies. You can also consult statistics about your followed technologies such as the graph showing the summary of the sustainability score of all technologies. You will also have access to a page detailing the indicators more precisely with explanations and predictions of the future trend.

OpenTrends Dashboard allows you to add or remove technologies that you want to track at any time.

Add your favorite repositories or dependencies and OpenTrends will monitor them on a regular basis and send you detailed reports. Manage the risks associated with multiple dependencies and their updates. Avoid the use of obsolete technologies or the neglect of critical updates thanks to the regular analysis

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